1. Locate Your Talent

In 2016, seventy-one percent of recruiters have said that social media was effective in decreasing time to fill non-management, salaried positions—alongside 67% who’ve said that it was effective for filling management positions, per a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey.

The top reason: organizations could identify passive job candidates (82%) with social media.

Launch your own strategy for acquiring passive and active job candidates using Zoomph’s social listening tools. Our tools capture social signals identifying a person’s qualifications, passions, and requirements for a job.

To begin, create a social feed in one of several ways:

  • Conversation Query
  • Geo Fence
  • Geo Location
  • Social Bio Search
  • Influencer Discovery


2. Perform a Prescreen

After identifying a few promising candidates, run a quick prescreen to minimize the amount of time you spend courting candidates who don’t fit the bill.

View your prospects’ Author Cards to view their most recent social media activity, demographics, and the handles that they interact with most.

For an even deeper analysis, use Twitter Follower Analytics to explore the shared behaviors, associations, and friends of your prospects’ Twitter followers, and to understand what influences them everyday.

Confirm that your prospects’ behaviors and interests align with your company’s values, culture, and line of work.

3. Engage Talent

This step does not necessarily entail an interview. Rather, this step prioritizes building a good rapport with your top candidates and giving them a reason to choose your company over another.

For passive candidates:

Get your company on the radar by engaging with candidates on social media. Remember, just like in sales, personal recommendations are more effective than cold calls, so devote time to building authentic relationships with your candidates.

Strike up conversations around their favorite brands and topics, as indicated on their Author Cards. Meanwhile, tap into their social conversations with Zoomph’s listening tools and gauge their willingness to switch jobs.

In due time, invite them to professional events relating to their interests and introduce conversations around your open positions.

For active candidates:

Dominate career fairs by identifying top candidates on social media prior to the event and personally inviting them to the fair.

Use our listening tools to track social conversations before, during, and after the event. Or, take advantage of our engagement tools to enliven your recruiting process.

IT-consulting company MetroStar Systems recently used our Snapwidget to launch a “snapplication” campaign for recruiting millennial interns.

Other engagement options include:

  • Targeting your job postings to the devices, channels, & hashtags that your candidates engage with most
  • Creating social polls that let candidates share their views on important topics
  • Launching leaderboards that spotlight your top candidates and/or spur a friendly contests


4. Qualify & Hire Talent

While you’re whittling down the pool of top candidates to the one perfect match, leverage social media to continuously learn about your candidates.

Create listening streams that keep you updated on your candidates’ social conversations, and enable a Workflow that notifies you when a candidate posts something especially influential or relevant to you.

Continue interacting with your candidates to keep your brand top-of-mind. Publish content that teases their interests, and regularly interact with them on a one-to-one, human level.

Complete the hiring process in a way that’s appropriate for your company.

The opportunities presented by Zoomph’s platform for social HR are fascinating and inspiring! None of our other search or employer branding efforts has been so well targeted—with this contest, we reached exactly who we wanted to at scale.

— Daniela Petkova, Talent Acquisition Manager, HP

5. Amplify Your Current Human Capital

A final note: Your employees can make for some of the best brand ambassadors. Encourage your employees to share their positive experiences or memories of your brand to organically widen your network, plus attract applicants.

For several years, Hewlett-Packard Co. has partnered with Zoomph to launch #HPTwintership—a competition inviting HP’s 2,500+ interns worldwide to represent the company on Twitter for a chance to win enviable prizes.

With this program, HP has not only been able to highlight their most successful interns, but has also been able to involve their employees in giving their brand a personality.

View the full case study here: “Social HR with HP” eBook

While social media is revolutionizing talent acquisition, it’s simultaneously re-architecting the way that employees relate with their brands. Take advantage of both with a strong social recruiting strategy.