1. An API for Product Owners

If you’re challenged with unifying business intelligence, automating data discovery, identifying demographic and behavioral metrics, expanding and enriching prospect data sets…then we’re here to help you make your UI/UX amazing with data.

With our social data APIs, you can:

  • Personalize product offerings based on integrated social analytics
  • Add contextually relevant customer intelligence into your CRM to establish more meaningful relationships
  • Track what’s important to your customers with on-demand, real-time social insights
  • Execute custom social data sets for your projects


2. An API for Content Marketers

If you’re challenged with processing social signals, attracting the right personas to your digital properties, predicting user intentions, and creating and distributing engaging content…harness our API to optimize your strategies.

With our APIs, you can:

  • Build content marketing dashboards
  • Capture trending topics
  • Evaluate who’s interacting with your content
  • Analyze social behaviors & nonverbal cues
  • Track audience demographics & affinities
  • Capture influencer expressions & activity
  • Track your competitors’ performace & social habits


3. An API for Digital Strategists

If you’re challenged every day to stay up to speed with digital media, manage social activity, recruit influencers, collect and report on various metrics…let Zoomph cut down the amount of time you spend on tedious tasks.

With our APIs, you can:

  • Locate influencers based on topics & affinities
  • Segment your marketing data
  • Rehydrate your insights on personas & leads
  • Craft intelligent dashboards
  • Track competition in real time


4. An API for Creative Teams

If you’re responsible for creating immersive experiences that share your brand’s story and increase on-page conversions…then leverage the Zoomph Visual Designer and API to create custom experiences, collect audience analytics, and inform your retargeting.

With our Visual Designer & APIs, you can:

  • Select from 30+ proven themes
  • Survey audiences with visual social media polls
  • Excite your employees, fans, and/or audiences with vibrant social contests
  • Drive sales & conversions with dynamic CTAs
  • Broadcast your corporate culture through shared photos, videos & stories
  • Enhance audience interaction with social quizzes & questionnaires